Since 1972 INSIDE VEGAS has been the most recognized name in the Sports Investing Arena. Our staff of analysts represent the “Rolls Royce” of the industry in terms of knowledge, contacts, integrity and track records. All of our analysts have been invited guests on major sports shows in various cities. Also, each analyst has a specialty. We know that it is impossible for any one person to be an expert on every team in the country. For that reason we hire the best there are in various regions. For example, Tommy Messina is known as Tommy “Tobacco Road” Messina because of his incredible 20 year track record on teams that play in the South East… in conferences like the ACC, SEC and the NFL South. Likewise, Joe Messina, Kevin Scott and Jack Davis bring similar “Laser Focused” information to the table regarding the teams that play in their area.
At INSIDE VEGAS, we do not provide you with “Handicapped” information.We go way beyond that. You see, “handicapping” is nothing more than statistical analysis of information that is available to the general public. We provide our clients (many of whom are professional athletes or well known celebrities) with up to the minute scouted information that is gathered by our staff, submitted, and deciphered. We only provide our clients with selections that we have determined to have an incredibly high percentage likeliness of winning!
Do we win all the time?
Do we win most of the time…

For years INSIDE VEGAS’ Scouted selections simply were not affordable to the general public. This year, we have decided to make our selections affordable to the average player!
Because we know that over the long haul, we will make our clients a great deal of cash… and that means that our clients will want to do business with us over the long haul.
We at Inside Vegas are totally committed to providing you with information from the best handicappers in history!
Our staff of Tommy and Joe Messina, Kevin Scott and Jack Davis are all dedicated to making sure of one thing!
You make money!
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