My first experience with sports prognostication was in 1972, when Joe Namath was nearing the twilight of his career. There was a game that year between Namath’s Jets and the Miami Dolphins.That game changed my life. It was then that I first learned the difference between “Public Money” and “Smart Money“.You see the general public favored the Jets by 4.5 points because of the mystique of Broadway Joe.In reality…the line should have had the Dolphins as a 3 point favorite.

We are talking about a “mistake” of 7.5 points!

What was the outcome? Miami won the game by 4 points…even though they were a 4.5 point underdog.
The lesson I learned was that it was critical to learn everything there is to know about how the betting line is established. By understanding this, you then can determine what the true line is vs. the Vegas line.

By understanding this, you then can spot the mistakes and take advantage of them. I teach my clients to have the discipline to allow me to identify games where there is at least a six point difference between what the line is and what the line should be. Very simply when we find these differentials…we simply move on them and make serious money!

It really is almost like cheating…it has gotten to the point where, many times, I have to use a group of people to place my bets because many sports books simply will not take my action.

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