Hi Everyone! My brother Tommy and I have been involved with sports investing since 1972…the year our Dad started sharing his selections with some very high profile clients.

Please read below to get a sense of how we come up with our selections and what our philosophy is. Inside Vegas.com is a sports investment/sports handicapping service for the serious sports investor. If you are interested in making a living or second income with sportsbetting then you have found the right company.

Our founders are seasoned veterans who have made a mark in this profession throughout the major establishments within Las Vegas. We use our vast array of contacts and information to provide profitable selections and true inside information for our clients across the WORLD.

Inside Vegas.com was formed in 1993 and provided information to a small, yet powerful, group of sports investors. These top players were granted access to the top play/plays on the board each given day. Inside Vegas.com has recently expanded their service online to allow elite sports investors the opportunity to earn a living or second income with their inside information.

Inside Vegas.com is the only service in America that has direct communication with all of the top executives in all major sportsbooks in Las Vegas and overseas. Members of the staff have worked as oddsmakers and managers for these elite sportsbooks. No other service can make that claim. The sole purpose of Inside Vegas.com is to provide our clients with a professional, honest, and profitable sports investment service that wins with a clearly structured plan for wagering. Our program will enable you to achieve financial success that you may not have thought to be possible. Simply following our selections through the use of multiple wagering outlets will prove to be extremely profitable. Join us as we continue to dominate the sports betting world!

Our plan is researched and proven. FOLLOW IT! In order to guarantee your winnings, you must follow our plan strictly and accumulate several betting outlets. Multiple wagering outlets allow you to shop for the best possible line on any particular game. We cannot stress to you enough that our plan is proven to work if followed properly. We have been doing this forever and you need to let our experience payoff for you.

We understand how dishonest the sports handicapping industry is. We will prove to you that we are a professional service in the sports betting industry. We give you great customer service, honest and monitored records, and most of all, PROFITABLE SELECTIONS.

We are committed to the philosophy that the only way to make money in sports investing is through inside information and the discipline to play only the strongest play or plays on the board each day. We will work with you and counsel you on this theory and prove firsthand what it is like to earn a six figure income each year with sports investing through Inside Vegas.com.

Our mission is simply to help you make money. We research our plays fully while providing honest, ethical consultation on how to make a six figure income. At Inside Vegas.com we utilize our unlimited resources within the sports investing industry to ensure your winnings.

If you feel that our philosophy makes sense, then give us a call for a free consultation so we can tell you what you can expect over the long haul.

We are only interested in working with people that will embrace our system and can be disciplined enough to play only the games that we determine to be worthy investments.

Please call us at 702-239-5439