Let us make something perfectly clear.You will NEVER receive more than one free game from INSIDE VEGAS.Why? Because one winner or one loser is irrelevant!
Sports investing, like any other type of investing is all about long term.We are not looking for the “Gambler Mentality”…that is the bettor that is biting his nails over the outcome of one game. (or for “Free Game Junkies”).

We are not going to tell you to “Double Up” on any game just because we might have lost one.

We are simply going to win most of the time and we will prove that to you by providing a one month “Platinum – Scouted” game package for just $299.00. (Normally 500.00)

At the end of the month, if you have not made money, we will gladly give you the rest of the year for free!

Since 1972…we have never given away a free year!